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Trauma Survivors Recovery and Healing
Dr. Cassidy specializes in healing adults suffering from PTSD arising from the effects of physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and trauma from life experiences in childhood and adulthood. 

He also works with combat veterans, civilian survivors of war, and survivors of violent crime. Dr. Cassidy helps people to heal through therapy and support groups which are effective and energizing.  Adults learn how to move through the stages:  from victim to survivor to thriver.

Coaching: Life, Business/Career, Executive and Education Guidance 
Dr. Cassidy has been coaching adults since the late 1980’s.  He uses a Positive Psychology approach including assessments using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and VIA Survey of character strengths.  Dr. Cassidy helps with life and career issues facing women and men today.  He helps people to find the best path for furthering education, college choice, job search, career change, and “lifelong learning.”

Individual and Marital/Family Therapy
Relationship Problems, Mood Disorders, Personality Disorders, Stress/Anxiety Disorders and other problems and issues.

Addictions Therapy and Recovery
Motivation is the secret.  If you don’t have motivation, Dr. Cassidy will help you find it.  ALL addictions are treated by the expert use of Positive Psychology, Motivational Interviewing and other new age techniques.

Street Drugs, Prescription Drugs, Alcohol and Nicotine/Smoking addiction.
BEHAVIOR ADDICTIONS: Gambling, Eating Disorders, Sex Addiction, Internet Addiction, Video Game Addiction, Exercise Addiction, Shopping Addiction, Work Addiction, etc.

Are you ready to shed the heavy weight of “shame, blame and guilt” associated with most forms of addiction recovery?  Then Coast to Coast Counseling is the place for you.




Donald P. Cassidy, Ph.D. has enjoyed working as a clinical psychologist, a life coach, an organizational/business executive coach, and as an educator for nearly 40 years.  He is currently a licensed Practicing Psychologist in New Jersey.  He has also delivered consulting services in California, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and to individuals and groups in Ireland and France.  He is available by appointment only, and is able to consult with you in person in his New Jersey office, and by using Skype or FaceTime.  Please email or call/text, and leave a message at 301-466-4504.

Judith Cassidy, RN has worked for many years as a registered nurse, and has also worked as an educator.  She is the Business Manager of Coast to Coast Counseling, LLC and also has a wealth of professional knowledge about adults who suffer from addictions and addictive behaviors.     


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